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Packaging/Point of Purchase/Concept/Branding

WWU: Graphic Design 3D

The Problem:

Most firewood comes in bundles that are either wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic or tied together with string. These bundles are hard to carry and make a mess. Even more, they come
with only the logs. If a user wants to build a fire, but forgets an essential like matches, there is not any backup way to get a fire started. Last, firewood brands are not well known or recognized. If firewood had a brand and a system of rating, then it could become a trusted brand that is a reliable resource for camping and home fires alike.

The Overview:

Ignis is a quality firewood packaging system and kit. Ignis is built for easier on-the-go experience and includes everything a beginner camper - or last minute planner, needs to create the perfect camping ambiance. The packaging was extended into a concept for point of purchase display.

The Research:

The kit includes logs, kindling, packaging that can be made into tinder, matches and a starter "bomb". The packaging is reusable, or if it doesn't need to be reused, can be completely burned. Ignis features a firewood rating system that rates the logs based on speed and temperature of burning so that users can more quickly choose the perfect fit. The final reusable carry case allows the user to transport wood more easily, while still getting to look at the wood they are purchasing. It features everything needed to build a fire, a fire-rating system for quick decision making and instructions for building a fire.

Something as simple as wood has been branded as a trusted kit that helps those new to fire building get started and keeps fire-building experts coming back because of the ease and reliability of the product.


The point of purchase display intended to showcase the included features of the firewood kit and let the natural wood speak for itself about the quality of the product. The display features three panels, one for logs, one for kindling and tinder, and one for the starter materials. These panels feature wood burned lettering and sit on a shelf that houses the product below. This display would be primarily seen at grocery stores and campfire circles, and at outdoor stores as a secondary market.

The Concept:
The Brand:
The Audience:

This product would be used primarily by families or other groups of people camping together in established campsites. It could also be used in home fire pits. There is an overall ambiance of community and enjoyment of the great outdoors for users of the product.

The Prototype and Forms:


Point of purchase PROTOTYPEs

The Final:
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