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H Bar G Ranch


H Bar G Ranch is a beautiful, privately owned ranch in Estes Park, Colorado. Formally a girl's camp, a hostel, and much more, it is now hosting weddings for friends of the owners. I created wedding invitations and a wedding program, as well as party favors and bottle caps. These designs were not only for use in a specific wedding but also with the goal of showing the owners how they can create a brand that can be used for other weddings that are held at the ranch, especially in regards to the gate logo and custom font.


The invitation set, including the main invitation, an RSVP card, and an Accommodations card, held together with a bellyband, aimed to highlight not only the beautiful setting in which the wedding was to take place but also some important history for the bride and groom. 


The main invitational features the Rocky Mountains, as viewed from H Bar G Ranch, which is owned by the groom's grandmother. This was done in watercolor by Aalbers Designs. The Accommodations and Details cards include natural features pulled from watercolor paintings by the bride's grandmother. The combination of watercolor, nature, and Earth tones represented the wedding's setting and the personalities and histories of both the bride and groom.

© Brad Livengood Photography
Ceremony Programs

Similar themes of watercolor, nature, and Earth tones were used in the programs for the wedding ceremony, with a focus on highlighting the unofficial wedding colors of red and blue.

Emily and Dylan Wedding Photos-65.jpg
© Brad Livengood Photography
Emily and Dylan Wedding Photos-66.jpg
© Brad Livengood Photography
Gate Logo

Other then the mountain view, a prominent feature of the ranch is their front entrance gate. Using a photo of the gate as a model, I created a gate icon that could be used as a stand-in logo for the ranch.

© Ashley Herrin Photography

To supplement the gate icon, I created a font based on the wooden letters featured on the gate. I used the existing letter shapes to fill out the alphabet and a web program called "Calligraphr" to turn it into a functioning font. The font aims to have a homemade or hand-built feel in order to match both the gate sign and the overall rustic mood of the ranch.


The gate icon and H-Bar-G font were combined for the wedding party favors. I used my experience in merchandising management to both create a mockup of the cups and to help the couple choose a company to print them.

Bottle Caps

In addition to hosting weddings, H Bar G Ranch has been brewing their own beer. The beer was to be served during the rehearsal dinner, so the Ranch managers decided to surprise the bride and groom by having me create custom bottle caps. The bottle caps feature a cowgirl on a horse, that was originally used circa 1956 by H Bar G Ranch for Girls when the ranch was used as a horse camp. The bottle caps also featured the font I created for the ranch.

Photo by Juliana Collins
Photo by Juliana Collins
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