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Web Design/Branding

WWU: Digital Media Design I

The Problem:

Dynadine is a new restaurant consulting group whose name is derivative of the words “dynamic” and “dining”.  The company markets to national and individual clients in the food and beverage industry -absolutely no franchises. Since Dynadine provides diverse services - ranging from consulting work for vendors of kitchen equipment and to personalized financial management services, they need a website that represents their services and clients, while still maintaining their own brand.

The Overview:

After developing a logo and brand identity for Dynadine, I created a website. Based in Northern California, Dynadine is proud to provide unique expertise in vegetarian, vegan, organic and Paleo diet dining experiences. The mission of Dynadine is to represent restaurants that strive to be elegant, well maintained, clean and with a strong identity in their community. Consulting with Dynadine helps restaurants to be always ahead of the dining business curve in order to give restaurant attendees an experience that fits their expectations and keeps them coming back. Dynadine's website must represent their purpose without overshadowing each individual restaurant brand.

The Research:

For all my initial designs, I incorporated the same core components: introduction to the company, a login option for employees and customers, spotlight customers, trending news, the option to work for Dynadine, and a footer that includes secondary navigation as well as social media links. I sought to maintain the Dynadine identity by keeping the designs clean and simple with the same neutral color palette. The final website for Dynadine is a three page responsive website. All written content was produced by me, images and linked articles are creative commons use.

The Concept:
The Brand:
The User Goals:
The Drafts:
The Wireframes:
The Changes:
The Final:
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