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Events and Creative Design Intern, February - June 2017

Promoting the role of design, educating the public, and providing a voice to the design industry as a whole

Design Museum Portland, under the umbrella of Design Museum Foundation, is a nomadic museum focused on educating the world about design. Design Museum doesn’t have its own gallery space – it is a distributed museum with exhibits and events all over town. The entire city is turned into the museum, it is where people go, like retail space, public space, or even outside. From architecture to video game design, furniture to fashion, products to graphics, design is more than an industry: it’s a process and way of thinking that solves complex problems. Design Museum offers the most accessible, inclusive way to engage with design and designers. Our exhibitions and events are open to all.

The Mission:

Bring the transformative power of design everywhere, to inspire a world full of creative problem solvers by producing inspiring exhibitions & events, educating everyone from kids to CEOs in design thinking, and transforming cities and communities through innovative public demonstration projects.

Overview of my Roll

Events and Creative Design Intern, February 2017 - June 2017


As Design Museum Portland’s intern, my primary roles were to develop marketing concepts and create graphic assets, manage the website and web-based graphics, assist when needed with the bimonthly newsletter, and assist in developing concepts and unifying the brand direction of the organization as it readies to launch new programs. As well as working to identify Design Museum’s graphic language and implement it quickly, manage new members, and engage in professional correspondence, help with onboarding of new interns and be hands on at events.



Operated with the challenge of a start-up atmosphere and remote team




Main events: Design Week UNITE panel, Extraordinary Playscapes Exhibition, Design Museum Mornings (including facilitation of launch), Spring Celebration


Design Museum Foundation is a nomadic museum, meaning we don’t have a single physical location — we plan events in unique locations all over the city to be as accessible and interesting as possible. Our events need to be well-planned because we’re always in different spaces, collaborating with different people — they also need to educate and delight our audience.




  • Volunteer management, recruitment, and communication

  • Ensuring space is on brand.

  • Hands-on events: membership, photography, check-in, sound, recording

  • Working on a tight budget

  • Organization of event space and technology

  • Tracking and maintaining an accurate account of event experiences

  • Creating a strong community presence, both online and in-person, to build the Design Museum brand and connect with strong partners in Portland





  • Professional correspondence and co-marketing with partner companies.

  • Production and distribution of co-marketing packages.

  • Research of content in alignment with our design impact areas.

  • Drafting of strong marketing copy for all programs. 

  • Engagement in strategic projects as needed.

  • Update of local events calendars with current events.

  • Management of event web tools and lists (MailChimp/Eventbrite). 

  • Assistance with the layout of weekly e-newsletter including upcoming events, news, and graphics.

Social Media



  • Writing & maintaining consistent social media streams

  • Graphic Production for platforms such as Instagram, Wordpress, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Management and Planning with Hootsuite.

  • Outreach/Connection via social media.

Social Media Post Highlight
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