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App Design/Concept/Branding/UX

WWU: Digital Media Design II

The Problem:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) currently has a membership program, but struggles to gain
more members, especially in the younger demographic. The company has no formal apps, save for a few that are country specific or only demonstrate the work the company does.

The Overview:

World Wildlife Fund needs an app that encourages the step towards making donations and turns WWF members into the world’s most active global conservation community. Membership must be modernized and drive the recruitment of new members. WWF’s members are essential to the organization for both funding and support, so engaging and recruiting members is crucial to their efforts. Members not only pay monthly subscriptions but also serve as a highly receptive ‘mailing list’ who can be drawn on for specific campaigns. Currently, members simply pay a subscription and receive three magazines a year. And this lack of involvement feels like a missed opportunity, especially among a younger audience who expect and desire more involvement in the causes they commit themselves to.

The Research:

Contextual Research

Where: On-the-go, or with the intent to purposefully join as a member

When: At the user’s convenience/as a time filler between other tasks

Why: As entertainment and as a way to stay educated and active about WWF and their cause

Target market

Global Audience, existing and potential WWF members, core ages 25-40 years but appeals to 16-25 year olds

Narrowed scope

Focus on ages 15-25 with the ability to appeal to an older audience and with a focus on getting new members

Creation of an app that encourages users to
become members of WWF and take further action with WWF. The app is a fun, addicting game that can be used for short periods of time as entertainment. Featuring fun games that can be repeatedly returned to, as well as enriching, educating videos and silly photos. The app pairs the feeling of that favorite app you love to pull out over and over again with education to entice users to turn that enjoyment into membership. 

Concept 1:

  • Game – feed animals, plant trees, etc (like Neko Atsume)

  • Donates money, you can match money or buy in-game items

  • Take pictures of yourself – face swap with animal, donations per snap sent


Concept 2:

  • “Dating” app – connect with other members and find volunteer opportunities together,

  • share expertise, spread news and promotion (partnership?)

Concept 3:

  • Membership package itself:

  • More options

  • Chance to win trips to cuddle animals

  • Stickers

  • Reduced admission to zoos, natural museums, forestry centers, national parks, etc


Concept 3 + more

  • Promotional videos, sad videos, resources, animal sponsorship


Concept 4:

  • Traveling exhibit

  • Reduced fee for students

  • Puzzle Games – thought-provoking games ects

  • Endangerment in your area

The Concept:
The Brand:

mood board

Name Ideation

Logo and color drafts

Logo and color finals

To be connect with WWF in order to get educated about global conservation, connection to conservation opportunities, stay involved in WWF’s action and donate money, time and expertise.

The User Goal:
The Prototype:
The Changes:
The Final:
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